Human Nature show/ 10/21/12-Raisng children and Bus Driver Beat Down

10/21/12 Sunday show, We are going to discuss the methods of raising the youth of today. Why do our youth have no respect for elders or anyone for that matter.

Are we teaching or a lack of teaching our young men about hitting on women? It’s a new sub-culture that has developed in our communities and the Black American culture

What are you views on the bus driver who beat down, heard around the world on the female and who was a much smaller person? Do you agree with his actions or do you feel he could have handled things differently? tune in Sunday at 7pm please call in and voice your opinion on the matter. (646)652-2319 or click online at

Why Women Can’t Find A Man-9/16/12

This show on 9/16/12 will focus on “why women can’t find a man?” This is a viewers choice topic, which we luv hosting spicy topics like this affecting the people. Our goal is to educate women and men through a male and female point of views. Our goal is to give alternative perspectives to those who somehow only see in black and white.

Why women can’t find a man? Is it their attitudes, or maybe the fact that some say their emotionally unstable, confused? Could it be that these trifling men out here are the reason women are single?

Another thought, is it because the men no longer have the capabilities to lead a household let alone family successfully? Or have women taken on the role as dominant, assertive and the bread-winner of the household? Someone has to wear the pants, if men aren’t strong enough to claim his place..

These are just some of the various opinions on why women can’t find a man. Join us in conversation as we discuss “why women can’t find a man.” listen in, chime in, speak your mind or forever hold your peace.

I’m on the side with women, I believe there are a number of variables that play a role in this situation. My co-host Sean is more in favor of the men and claims women have unrealistic expectations!!! Holy sh$@
As a bonus I would luv to have during this show, a speed date between two viewers.
Remember it’s only Human Nature

Knowledge of Thyself-9/9/12

Knowledge of yourself 9/9/12 Join us in conversation as we discuss what’s it like for a black man and black woman. Do we really know who we are, or have we been psychologically conditioned for something else? How come we are so divided on our identity? There are many of us, who have no mental or spiritual connection with our roots. We are going to tackle the idea behind Black American vs African-American. Some say they are not from Africa, they can’t relate to Africans. Others have said “Africans don’t like us.”

What about our history, where is it? I’m not talking about black American history in a sense of after post slavery, but before Africa was destroyed. How come school text books never mentioned anything remotely positive, civilized or any kind of achievements from the motherland?  Where are our great historical heroes of our ancestors who contributed into real world history?

We will go from historical to contemporary issues such as, why are we stereotyped as angry or violent? Why do black men disrespect black women? What about light skin vs dark skin. Is considered being cool, dumb and getting terrible grades in school,  associated with black? In comparison with talking proper and getting good grades in school are associated with being white?

What about your children? Do they feel special? Are they proud of who they’re? What about their hair, have you given into society idea of good hair?  What are you doing to build your child mentally, spiritually? You are responsible for that child growing up with confidence or being self-conscious.


Please tune in and join in with your advice or opinion on this imperative issue. I hope we all will learn something new about ourselves and others from this show.

the call in number is (646)652-2319 this Sunday at 7pm

Interracial Dating-9/2/12

Interracial Dating is a phenomenal topic to discuss. I try to tackle the most sensitive issues affecting the people. Interracial dating, is it still a major problem in America? If so who’s opposed to it the most? I’ve heard black women tend to feel some kind of way about so-called white women “stealing” their men as they put it. Have white America view on interracial dating changed since the 60’s or are they just keeping their feelings hidden and no longer blatantly in our face?

Traditional interracial dating, consist of mostly black men and white women. In 2012 has the tide turned, are there a large number of sisters who are stepping into the “white light?” Join us in conversation as we discuss interracial dating. How does it feel going out in public as an interracial couple? Are a lot of our sisters bitter about seeing a black man with a white woman? Especially a rich black man, were some sisters glad Tiger Woods was caught? “That’s what he get for messing with that white women, he will learn.” wow, these are some of the statements and questions thats going to be asked on the show. We would luv to hear from women on this show..

Masturbation and Fetishes-8/26/12

This Sunday show 8/26/12 at 7pm will be so provocative . Join us in conversation as we discuss the masturbation dilemma and the various types of fetishes that people have. Keep your ears close during this show, I will give you the “word on the street” I will read a great story of this woman and her “Masturbation” dilemma or some may say its a curse and some say a blessing. Is Masturbation considered Taboo? A more pertinent question, could masturbation heal anxieties, depression and even headaches? Is it part of our human development? My question to everyone is, could you be in a relationship with someone who has a medical masturbating condition? Someone that has too release sexual tension at least 10 times a day? Please tune in and I urge anyone to email me their philosophy or their story of being in a relationship with someone with this condition. What was the outcome? I will not release any information all anonymous.

Please tell us your wildest and craziest fetish. Don’t be bashful, the more provocative they are the more we luv. Everyone has at least one, hidden, deep down inside, leaking through your body like sweat from your pores. Who has the most ridiculous fetishes, men or women? Who has the most boring fetishes men or women? Some women have a shoe fetish and some jewelry. Some men have clothing fetish, some have cars as a fetish. You just maybe surprised by the answers. I’m obliged to speak on my fetish, It may have you laughing, I don’t know why people laugh when they hear it. ” Please tune in and enjoy…

Remember its only “Human Nature

Online dating & Comm in Relationships/ 8/19/12

This Sunday show 8/19/12 at 7pm will be one to hear. Join us in conversation as we discuss new tools of securing that Mr. Right or Mrs. Right. Technology has changed the game forever. You no longer have to sit and wait for luv to find you, technology will bring you directly to it.

Are you taking advantage of this new and innovative tool? If not why are you opposed to this method of dating? Does it go against God plans?

Join us and voice your opinion, your words mean a lot and remember its only “Human Nature!”